Centre of Vivekananda YOGA 
& Research Development

Centre of Vivekananda YOGA
& Research Development

We Specialize in Natural Healing

such as: Back & Knee pain, Headache,
Stress, Parkinsonís disease and involuntary
movement of limbs etc.

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An Introduction of Yoga

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit language and means to unite or to harmonize. In other words, Yoga means working towards a level where the activities of the mind and body function together harmoniously.

Hatha Yoga works through the mastery of the body and breathing. It involves a system of exercise that trains through physical postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. These techniques benefit the nervous system, glands and vital organs. The aim is to promote vibrant health and to tap into body's latent energy reserves.

In the practice of yoga, is linked to the movement, mind and breathing to bring about a feeling of balance, relaxation and harmony. The practitioner uses the physical self to refine the mind. Through this thorough training of the body and mind, one is taught to awaken every cell of one's self and one's soul, For years, Yoga is considered therapeutic. Researches were conducted to look at the effects of this practice in the body. Know the various health benefits brought about by practicing Yoga.

What is Hatha Yoga?

In the compound word Hatha, 'Ha' means sun and 'tha' means moon. This refers to the balance of male and female, day and night, positive and negative, yin and yang, hot and cold, or any other opposite, yet balancing pairs.

When this concept is applied, it could refer to bringing the two sides of the body into a state of balance, through the development of equal strength and flexibility on both sides. It could also refer to bringing the two hemispheres of the brain into balanced functioning, so that the logical, mathematical side and the creative, intuitive side are encouraged to function harmoniously and equally efficiently.

In Yoga, the flow of the breath through the right nostril is called the sun breath; the flow through the left nostril is called the moon breath. Breath regulation in some form is central of all Hatha Yoga practice.

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  • Introducing a unique approach - our Yoga Therapy and Acu-puncture Treatment for "Stroke and Beauty".


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  • DO YOU HAVE FOOT, ANKLE, WAIST PAIN? Introducing our latest product - Foot, Ankle Waist Pain Relief Balancer. This product helps to reduce the pain when use, cushions your feet in comfort, and reduces your pain.

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  • ""Seniors Yoga class is suitable for senior citizens aged 50 years and above. The lesson is conducted by a certified yoga instructor in Mandarin...." - Caring & Sharing April 2007 Issue.

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